Buying Guide for Bathroom Furniture


Bathroom Furniture – An Overview

The bathroom has the significance proportionate to other rooms in a house. Bathroom furniture augments the splendor of the bathroom and even depicts the standpoint of the user over the style factor. So, selection of the appropriate furniture and the shades and designs of the pieces of the said furniture reflects the inner sense of the user.

Types of Bathroom Furniture
Each piece of bathroom furniture is destined for a particular purpose. The vast array of the items of furniture comprises:

  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops
  • Bathroom Sink Cabinets
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Bathroom Console Tables & Washstands
  • Apothecaries

Bathroom Vanities

The Bathroom Vanities stand for the style quotient of the bathroom. A Bathroom Vanity is one’s everlasting option to portray his/her finesses. Conversely, the purpose of the Bathroom Vanities is to store the bathroom related accessories. These Bathroom Vanities even act as concealing outfit for the ducts of the sinks. The Bathroom Vanities are obtainable in a huge assortment of designs and dimensions being suitable to the users of all standards.

Bathroom Vanities made of wood, ceramic & glass are available in the market and price ranges from $98 to $2000


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

A Bathroom Vanity Cabinet stands core of appeal in a bathroom. The Vanity Cabinets serve as storage component, yet bigger in size providing extra room. The Vanity Cabinets are on hand in conventional as well as contemporary designs. The cited Vanity Cabinets are capable of bearing two sinks. These are available in the market in vast range of shades, designs and dimensions so that elegant bathrooms are not limited to the people belonging to a certain status.

Price tags of the Vanity Cabinets ranges from $100 to $3000.


Bathroom Vanity Tops

The Bathroom Vanity Tops function as gripping objects to the vessel sinks. These Vanity Tops are designed to hold basins as well as taps. The existence of the Vanity Tops in the bathroom fetches the feel of lavishness to the user. The Vanity Tops are mostly made of granite and ivory. The user can select his/her favorite out of the huge assortment of vibrant colors.

The price of the Vanity Tops ranges from $25 to $500.


Bathroom Sink Cabinets

An ideal Bathroom Sink Cabinet is the one which is a utility product as well as the object that elevates the chic proportion of the user. It endows with fashionable storage space, thus it is an essential commodity for the bathroom. Aspects such as joints, material, frames, banisters etc. need to be considered. The banisters are supposed to be even and the inner should be polished by pressurized steam. The bathroom sink cabinets are available in an extensive collection.

The price varies from $100 to $2000.


Bathroom Mirrors
Bathroom mirrors are handy in the tasks namely shaving, make-up and of course brushing. The mirror is the focal object of lure in the bathroom. These mirrors could be had with built-in cabinets or they could be placed directly on the walls where sinks are fixed. It is optional to procure it along with a cabinet or not. In case of bathroom mirrors the user is gifted with an enormous choice in the matters of size, shape, style etc.

The price ranges from $15 to $1500.
Medicine Cabinets       

Bathroom Medicine cabinets are the functional products meant for the purpose of storing the medicines. These cabinets are not just the storage devices but serve as objects of elegance, too. A good number of Medicine Cabinets are fixed to the wall but certain pieces are designed in such a way that they are movable. Users could choose the mirror cabinets with either transparent doors or opaque ones.

The Medical Cabinets costs $50 to $2000.

Bathroom Console Tables & Washstands

Bathroom Console Tables & Washstands serve the users who are conscious about space. These

Console tables and Washstands are generally found in the bathrooms where least number of fixtures is found. They are utilized for holding sinks fixed to the wall or clasping the basin of the above counter sink. Most of the Bathroom Console Tables and Washstands are available in free standing mode. However, few are fixed to the wall so that the ducts are concealed.

The price ranges from $150 to $1500.



Apothecaries, having built in larger size with multiple drawers serve to hold bathroom linen as well as toiletries. Apothecaries are obtainable in traditional as well as modern styles.

Price ranges from $450 to $2000.


Making of the Bathroom Furniture

The entire range of Bathroom Furniture is available in various shades, styles, shapes and dimensions. Most of them are made of wood. The sink vessels are made of glass, granite or ceramic. Pieces of Modern bathroom furniture are shaped out with teak wood, oak or mahogany. Moreover, finishing is done in such a way that they are stain-free. The Modern Bathroom Furniture requires minimal amount of effort to operate. They are available with finishing of chrome, enamel etc.

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