How to Update Your Existing Dull Bathroom into a Designer Bathroom


Bathroom is the place where one starts the day. The most unbending individuals turn childlike in the bathroom. This gives a person the required solitude, which is ought to be graceful and comforting. The ambience of the bathroom helps one to accomplish daily chores in a stress free mode. A well designed and aptly furnished bathroom elevates the contentment intensity to the fullest. The contemporary style bathrooms are not mere cleansing spots in households, but, serve as status symbols of the owners. Hence, modernizing the existing bathrooms into designer bathrooms is a must.

Modernizing a bathroom is entirely different from doing with the rest of the rooms in the house. One requires thorough knowledge regarding the design of bathroom. Initially, the user needs to consider the dimensions of the bathroom and the financial plan should not be ignored. To start with, paint the bathroom, with serene and bright colors. The entire bathroom may be painted in a single shade. . However, ceiling may be colored with different shade. Bathroom painted totally in bright white, fetches tranquil ambience. Nevertheless, stains and blemishes may be a cause for one to fret. Then the user can go for darker shades like brown or dark blue.

Choosing the tiles to the floor and walls of the bathroom is one of the most crucial segments of updating the bathroom. The apt tiles are those lie about, pleasing the senses. In addition, aspects such as resilience, sanitary process, protection, and resistance to water require high regards. The shades of the tiles including their suitability and luster reflect the taste level of the user.  Bathroom floors and walls are finished with ceramic, porcelain and marble tiles. The marble tiles are a bit expensive in comparison with the other two types. The user has adequate options in this regard.


Shower enclosures and bathtubs are crucial to fetch grandeur to the bathroom. Quadrant shower enclosures are stylish to look at, but, where place and size is the main concern, walk-in shower enclosures are the best choice. The corner bath tubs of whirlpool sort symbolize luxury. However, the lavish looking standard bathtubs, abundant in the market, are suitable to the budget. Addition of vanity cabinets to the sinks bring in decent view together with hiding the hoses of the sinks. Installing bathroom mirrors apt with the size of the walls and sinks makes the bathroom a wondrous one. Setting up of radiators is not just a seasonal necessity but, a status symbol of the user.

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