Guest Post – Tips on Making a Style Statement with Bed Sheets


Are you thinking of remodeling your bland bedroom but your budget is tight? Do not despair because the most affordable yet the most effective option is right before your eyes – bed sheets, of course! Add in comforter sheets, pillows and quilts to the mix and your bland bedroom can be transformed into an exciting place.

Besides, one spend as much as 8 hours each day on their bed, so it makes perfect sense to have and lie on the most luxurious bed linens from the sheets, quilts and comforters to the pillows. One always deserves it!

Of course, one’s choice of bedding should be a balance between form and function. Utility and beauty come hand in hand with these items just as it does with most of their home appliances, furniture and furnishings. Here, are tips in choosing your bedding for a style statement with practical values.

Choose Your Material 

Bed sheets, among other beddings, come in a wide variety of materials with a few more luxurious than the others. Your choice in terms of materials will depend on your budget, your preference in texture, and your environment.

For example, one may prefer cotton sheets over silk or satin sheets because of the former’s soft texture coupled with ease of maintenance. One may also like silk sheets complete with silk quilt covers and pillowcases because of the smooth texture, rich fabric and posh feel.

So that, one can make their choice in the wide variety of materials available for beddings including comforter sets:

  • Damask is a rich silk fabric.
  • Matelassé has a quilted texture with raised patterns on the fabric.
  • Cotton is the most popular fabric because of its comfortable feel on the skin.
  • Silk and satin are considered romantic fabrics, but may not be suitable for certain weather conditions

Keep in mind that all of these materials for bed sheets and other beddings can be luxurious. The trick is in choosing the right style, pattern and color.


Choose Your Color

This is probably the most crucial aspect of making a style statement with your beddings. One can choose from a solid color or a riot of colors, an all-black or all-white color, and a wide variety of patterns (i.e., polka dots, stripes, abstract, flora and fauna). One should choose the bed sheets, pillowcases and comforter sets according to their desired ambience in their bedroom. 


  • Choose cool colors (green, blue and purple) for an intimate and cozy environment. Use warm colors (i.e., yellow, red, and orange) to create a relaxing environment.
  • Look at your bedroom walls, ceiling and floor as well as your bedroom furniture and fixtures to determine which color will complement these items in your room. For example, if one have dark furniture, the ideal choice will be light colors to offset the somber tones of the bed and dresser.
  • Use different layers of colors on your bed from your bed sheets to the pillows and comforters. This will add character to the room while also increasing visual interest.
  • One will also be able to create an ambience with the proper use of colors. A modern bed will have a mix of neutral colors while a rustic bed will look fab with colors found in nature.

The most important thing about choosing the right bed sheets and other beddings is to select the ones in which they are most comfortable.


Vijay Shetty is a blogger and writes for Manchester Deals, the on-line store bed sheets and quilt covers.