Guest Post – How to Decorate Using Mirrors


Mirrors are a wonderful apparatus to use when decorating your home. They create the illusion of space and add light to any room. Try the tips below to incorporate mirrors into your home decor:

Arrange multiple mirrors side-by-side:

Use several mirrors in various grouping patterns to create a unique look. Use mirrors encased in decorative wood or ornate wrought iron in lovely patterns. These make excellent pieces to enhance any room in your home. The only rule to remember when grouping mirrors is to match the mirrors proportionately to each other and to the wall. In other words, do not group three tiny mirrors on a huge wall. In addition, keep the mirror shapes the same. For example, do not group an oval mirror with a square one.

Large standing mirrors:

Another way to decorate using mirrors is to stand a large ornate mirror in the corner of a room. This opens the room up and creates a beautiful focal point that captures the eye’s attention the moment you walk in the door. Many large mirrors are framed in beautiful wood, and you can find wood stains in a variety colors. In addition, some mirrors are even framed with leather.

Use mirrors in place of art:

Mirrors are also perfect substitutions for pieces of art. For example, above the bed in the master bedroom, many people like to hang a large exquisite piece of art that brings together the decor of the room. You can use mirrors as a substitution and create an attractive look. A large mirror centered above the bed is lovely as is several smaller mirrors in a clever grouping.

Use them in the entryway:

Perhaps the best spot in the house to use mirrors is in the entryway. They serve a practical purpose as you can check your appearance on the way out the door. However, they also open up the space and reflect light. Using a mirror in this space sets the stage for your home in a sophisticated manner.

Hang mirrors in the dining room:

Another excellent location for a beautiful mirror is the dining room. This is especially true if you dining room is on the small size. Adding a mirror to the main wall will open the room up and create the illusion of a much bigger room. Not to mention, the mirror will reflect all the other decorations within the room and help bring the room together in a cohesive way.

The list above will give you some ideas on how to use mirrors when decorating your home.

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