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Bathroom Fights in the Middle of School

If you ever fought in school, chances are that your fight took place in the bathroom. Far from prying eyes, school bathrooms are prime real estate for those looking to get revenge, defend their honour, or just to let off some steam. What does a bathroom fight look like? Take a look at some of these examples, before we discuss why this is a growing problem, and what schools can do about it... Looking for a F ...

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Buying guides for Mixer Shower

Mixer of combinations at hand Combination of sorts is the spice of life; sweet with pungent, cold with hot and several such contrasting combinations pour life into our dreary lifestyle, making it ecstatic. They infuse exuberance in our day to day life, like showering does, in a combination of hot and cold water. Mixer Showers are quintessential mixers and churners of such combinations that make showering ex ...

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Burj Al Arab – The Victorian Style Bathroom Suite

Didn’t you just fall in love with your bathroom suite when you stayed at the Burj Al Arab?  Oh, you haven’t stayed there?  Whew!  Okay, me either.  We can dream, right?  If you haven’t seen what the bathrooms at the Burj Al Arab look like, you’re missing out.  They’ll have you dreaming about a full-fledged Victorian style remodel of your own bathroom.  The designers spared no expense when they created the b ...

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Google Helpouts can teach you to fix your toilet with lessons from a pro

You have surely heard of Google Hangout – the popular video chat service which connects you to others via live chat and allows you to broadcast live video to a global audience. By leveraging this technology, Google has now started a service called Google Helpouts, which allows you to connect with competent persons in different fields for answering your queries live via video chat. ...

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WaterAid and World Toilet Day!

If there is one place in the world that every human being visits on a daily basis without fail a couple of times a day it’s the – TOILET.  The humble toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper and the 19th of November every year is celebrated as World Toilet Day. Some of the more popular names for a toilet are bathroom, washroom and lavatory.  Toilets range from being made of gold to make shift ones in the groun ...

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7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Bigger

More than just a place to refresh, bathrooms are considered as most relaxing and soothing place in contemporary luxury homes.  Everyone wants to enthral their bathroom with unique and essential bathroom fixtures, but lack ample space. While bathrooms come in varying styled and sizes, more often than less they happen to be smaller in size than expected, making them more claustrophobic than cozy. The fact tha ...

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7 Of the Best Bathroom Products to Invest In

In your bathroom, there will be some products that are going to be important to have on hand. Beyond the toilet paper, scrub brushes and towels, these products are going to ensure that you have a clean bathroom and some peace of mind. Clorox Bleach Bleach is a critical item on hand. Not only will it prove to be an effective whitener when used on grout and other surfaces, but it can also help to kill germs. ...

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Charlize Theron’s Famous Video

Not too long ago, television writers and movie directors could shock audiences simply by having a character flush a toilet on screen. Society seems to have an ingrained denial about people and toilets, at least to a certain degree. Toilets and their usage can quickly become shocking secrets behind closed doors, especially if they involve someone appropriately famous. Famous people do not usually publicize t ...

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Brit Men – Keeping the Toilet Seat Open and Other Bad Bathroom Etiquette

Couples have been arguing for decades over the toilet seat and other bathroom etiquette. Women want the toilet seat down and men often see no problem with leaving it up. Another bathroom behavior that couples often fight about is failing to replace toilet paper. It may be surprising to find out that so many quarrels occur in homes over bathroom behavior. However, a recent study done in the UK has brought to ...

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Expected Cost To Refurbish Two Toilets At The Palace Of Westminster Is £100,000

According to the House of Commons, two toilets at the Palace of Westminster which are used by VIP guests and peers will cost as much as £100,000. In fact, the job description tendered on the website describes the lavatories in the House of Lords are in unacceptable condition for being in such a high profile area, and offer a poor image of the Palace. Yesterday we posted about Kohler Nu ...

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