Types of Home Heating Systems: Which One Is Best for Your Home?


When it comes time to installing a new heating system in your home there is a great deal to take into consideration. With such a wide range of systems available it’s handy to know what you can expect from each type. Here is a review of four heating systems to help you choose the best one for your home.

If you choose a furnace you will certainly not be short of options. Furnaces work by taking the outside air, heating it and then sending the heated air into the home. Gas or electric furnaces are most common, however, wood powered, oil and even coal powered furnaces are an option. If a furnace appeals to you then narrow your search by knowing the heating capacity you require from your furnace, your preferred fuel and whether that system has variable fan speeds.

Radiant Heating
When it comes to radiant heating you’re looking at the options of hydronic systems, radiant ceiling heating, floor and baseboard heating. Hydronic systems use hot water from your boiler, sending it through pipes that will heat the entire home if need be. Radiant ceiling heating involves electric units installed on the ceiling. Once you turn the system on there is a wire coil that heats up and that heat radiates from the ceiling. Floor heating works in a similar fashion to ceiling heating. Baseboard heating also uses electric units. Controlled by a thermostat, the unit will come on once the temperature goes below that set on the thermostat.


Heat Pumps
Heat pumps that utilise the heat from underneath the home are not all that popular, although those who do use them find them very efficient. The warm temperature from underground can be utilised during the cold winter months to warm the home most commonly via underfloor heating. Heat pumps tend to cost more initially to install so this factor alone sees many homeowners looking for alternative options. Heat pumps are considered a good ‘green’ option so if you’re very concerned for the environment this might be the perfect choice for your home. In some circumstances heat pumps can be used in reverse to cool the home too which is a major plus for this lesser known system.


Space Heaters
Space heaters are highly popular worldwide as they allow you to heat certain areas of the home as opposed to every room in the house. This helps save on energy use and subsequent costs. Closing off doors to small or even large spaces fitted with an appropriate sized space heater can make those areas of the home snug and cosy. Space heaters come in all manner of shapes and sizes and you’re certain to be impressed with the designs on offer in leading outlets.


Now you have a good understanding of the most common heating systems available you have a clearer view of the options available to you. Select those systems that appeal the most and seek out additional details on their running costs, their output, their green rating and so forth. From there you can narrow your search down even further. Installation costs are another key factor to consider when pricing heating systems as is ongoing maintenance, parts and warranty offers. When you have all those facts it will be easier than ever to find the best heating system for your home.

6 Tips On How You Can Increase The Value Of Your Property


You’re expecting an addition to the family or you just feel like you want to take the next step and move into a new home. Before you do that, you need to build up the value of your current property so that you can make a profit or at least get enough money for your next deposit.

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Soundproofing Internal Doors


Doors that are used on the inside of a house are usually quite light. In fact, many of them are hollow on the inside. The purpose of these doors is more to provide visual privacy than anything else. As you might imagine, they don’t often do a terribly good job at keeping sound isolated. Hollow doors are full of air, so they will transmit sound fairly well due to all of the air.

The thin materials used in internal doors such as plywood or other thin wooden materials are also hardly maximized for keeping sound isolated. This means that if you want to keep sound out of or in a certain room, you really need to apply additional soundproofing procedures to the door. There are a variety of different ways to do this.

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Simple Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen


A lot of homeowners are now considering using eco-friendly products and design ideas when it comes to their homes. Green interior design is not only about conserving natural resources and saving the environment, it is also about protecting your health. Using environmentally friendly products and design ideas is the best way to create a healthy and clean home environment for you and your family.

If you are thinking of turning your home into an eco-friendly environment, you can start with your kitchen. When going green, the kitchen area is typically the first place that many homeowners focus on when choosing green products and equipments. Here are some simple ideas that can turn your kitchen into a safe and eco-friendly space which can help you save money and resources without sacrificing functionality and style.

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Guest Post – Sustainable Home Living


Sustainable homes have become a topic of great interest among homeowners curious about the idea of renewable energy and grid-free power opportunities. Devices such as solar panels, plantation shutters, and renewable water filters are a great way to help create an energy-recycling home. Here’s a couple ideas about sustainable home living to help you live off the grid and in a “greener” way.

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Guest Post – How to Decorate Using Mirrors


Mirrors are a wonderful apparatus to use when decorating your home. They create the illusion of space and add light to any room. Try the tips below to incorporate mirrors into your home decor:

Arrange multiple mirrors side-by-side:

Use several mirrors in various grouping patterns to create a unique look. Use mirrors encased in decorative wood or ornate wrought iron in lovely patterns. These make excellent pieces to enhance any room in your home. The only rule to remember when grouping mirrors is to match the mirrors proportionately to each other and to the wall. In other words, do not group three tiny mirrors on a huge wall. In addition, keep the mirror shapes the same. For example, do not group an oval mirror with a square one.

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Guest Post – Tips on Making a Style Statement with Bed Sheets


Are you thinking of remodeling your bland bedroom but your budget is tight? Do not despair because the most affordable yet the most effective option is right before your eyes – bed sheets, of course! Add in comforter sheets, pillows and quilts to the mix and your bland bedroom can be transformed into an exciting place.

Besides, one spend as much as 8 hours each day on their bed, so it makes perfect sense to have and lie on the most luxurious bed linens from the sheets, quilts and comforters to the pillows. One always deserves it!

Of course, one’s choice of bedding should be a balance between form and function. Utility and beauty come hand in hand with these items just as it does with most of their home appliances, furniture and furnishings. Here, are tips in choosing your bedding for a style statement with practical values.

Choose Your Material 

Bed sheets, among other beddings, come in a wide variety of materials with a few more luxurious than the others. Your choice in terms of materials will depend on your budget, your preference in texture, and your environment.

For example, one may prefer cotton sheets over silk or satin sheets because of the former’s soft texture coupled with ease of maintenance. One may also like silk sheets complete with silk quilt covers and pillowcases because of the smooth texture, rich fabric and posh feel.

So that, one can make their choice in the wide variety of materials available for beddings including comforter sets:

  • Damask is a rich silk fabric.
  • Matelassé has a quilted texture with raised patterns on the fabric.
  • Cotton is the most popular fabric because of its comfortable feel on the skin.
  • Silk and satin are considered romantic fabrics, but may not be suitable for certain weather conditions

Keep in mind that all of these materials for bed sheets and other beddings can be luxurious. The trick is in choosing the right style, pattern and color.

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Guest Post : Gas vs. Electric – Which is Best for Central Heating?


With gas and electric prices on the rise, which is the more efficient and less costly way to heat your house? I have spent a long time comparing the differences between gas heating and electric heating but which one is actually cheaper in the long run? Let’s take a look.

The Basic Facts

On average electric costs about 3 times more than gas per KWH (calculated on standard rates) with an efficient modern condensing boiler, meaning that in its natural form, gas is cheapest. There is however a but.  Unless you have a gas supply into your home already, installing a boiler and radiators along with bringing a gas pipe into your home (if possible) could cost you several thousands of pounds (on average £2,000 to £2,500).  This means that to purchase and install electric storage heaters the cost is lower than gas, not forgetting that they don’t need to be serviced as often because electric heaters store heat overnight.

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How to Stay Safe When Carrying out DIY Jobs.


Keeping safe whilst performing Do-it-yourself jobs, is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly. The general tendency is to get carried away and plunge into the crucial work without adequate precaution. This is not such a bright idea. Engaging a trained person ensures that jobs get completed on time and also saves one from unnecessary harm. No doubt outsourcing work does cost, but it can also save one a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes, people start work, but find it difficult to complete it or incur injury and need to spend more money, not only for the injury, but also to get the job redone by a skilled technician. It is extremely easy to get physically injured doing any home repair or construction; be it carpentry, electric fitting or plumbing. Any home job requires the use of sharp and dangerous tools, which require expert handling and care while use, this does not deter many, who prefer do-it-yourself jobs.

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5 DIY Jobs – A Nightmare for Newbies!


Nothing gives us more pleasure than doing up and redecorating our homes. Many of us are carried away with the idea, that they need to build their dream house with their own hands.

Many home owners pursue this line of thought with action and throw themselves with their entire energies by doing everything themselves. At the start, there is a potent enthusiasm, but soon they realize, they are in a big mess.

The rule is clear; DIY is not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone is a trained professional to complete the job. It is best to leave professional jobs with the safe hands. These experts have studied their craft, be it Plumbing, Electrical work or Painting. By taking on these jobs, without any experience, its sure there would be lots of jolts. Following are 5 DIY-jobs that most newcomers try themselves at the time of renovating their homes.

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