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The Great British Toilet Map

The “Great British Toilet Map” is a way for Brits and others to find local toilets using a free site online. One of the approaches it uses to do this is through an “open data” approach that is supported by local area councils.   The open data approach means that there's no restrictions on the use of the data. You don't have to pay anyone to use it, and you can freely download it. This means that, for e ...

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Get Up to Date with Kitchen Faucets and Automatic Taps

Kitchen Faucets: Kitchen Faucets are one of the most prominent installations used in the kitchen. These also bring an elegant look to the kitchen. There are many varieties of kitchen faucets. The size, shape and finish are also significant considerations for selecting the kitchen faucets. The main types of kitchen faucets are 1. Single handle 2. Double handle 3. Wall mounted Single handled faucets are quick ...

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Get up to date with Modern Radiators

Radiators are heat exchangers for transferring thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of heating or cooling. Radiators are used for heating a room while also used for cooling automobiles. It consists of a metal case connected by pipes. The hot water is pumped through these pipes by a central heating system. This in turn, emits the excess heat into the atmosphere by means of convection. Ra ...

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Which Type of Boiler is Needed For Your Home?

Boiler is a closed vessel used for heating water or any other fluid. The fuel used may be natural gas, oil or electricity. These boilers are the perfect home radiant system that delivers warmth without making any noise. These boilers may be floor standing or wall mounted. The floor standing boilers are made from cast aluminum or steel. These boilers are slim and are easy to fit. The majority of the boilers ...

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