Stunning modern bathrooms by QS Supplies

QS Supplies has seek to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. When you use the bathroom, it is an everyday occurrence. Why not transcend the banal and enhance your experience? They have the potential to turn a monotonous task into an experience of a lifetime. Modern, yet functional design is at the core of our ethos. They know our customers pride themselves on the unique, and we want to provide that uniqueness. Some of their designs are based in the industrial, for the blue-collar yet refined look. Take, for example, the Barrel vanity. It is a space-conscious vanity unit that can blend into the decor, but still provide that unique edge. It comes in a range of colours and finishes.

Another is the Recycle Tyre basin. Like the Barrel, it is rugged, yet inviting. For those who ‘live life in the fast lane’, this could not be more suitable. The wall-mounted Log basin is also for the space-conscious. Space can be at a premium, but there is beauty in small things. The Transparent basin is there for people who like to see things as they really are. With a glass front panel, one feels closer to the flowing water, bringing a touch of nature to the modern bathroom.

A busy lifestyle can be very taxing, and it is paramount for the modern day connoisseur to be on the button whenever needed. Their Towel Rail with iPad Mount is perfect for keeping the latest news right at your fingertips while remaining subtle in design. This is not to say that we don’t know luxury. Our Chandelier shower heads take showering to a celestial level. They say that the shower is the birthplace of ideas, so the cascading crystals will help every thought become a gem of brilliance.

The Smartphone Tap is a waterproof iPhone dock for your bathtub that keeps the music flowing just as the water flows. It is modern in design, yet unobtrusive, and the sound packs a big punch.
With a busy, modern lifestyle, it is important to never be ‘caught short’. This is why they have the Digital Toilet Paper Dispenser, with a sleek LED display and automatic dispensing computer to ensure you are never left in the lurch.Chandelier Shower Barrel Basin Barrel Basin 2 Waterfall Tap Waterfall Tap with Iphone & Remote Water Fall Tap with Iphone Watefall Tap tyre_console04 tyre_console03 tyre_console02 tyre_console Transparent Basin Toilet_roll_holder_2 Toilet_roll_holder Studio_chandelier shower Log Basin Log Basin 3 Log Basin 2 iPad iPad stand Ipad Holders Ipad Holder 2

TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Front Toilet Seat Review


A toilet seat is a must for any bathroom and that is why we have had them for a really long time. However its design has changed a lot over the years, though the application has of course remained much the same. Today’s toilet seats, for example, are much different. It is not just a seat any more. With the seat, you will get a lot of amenities that are really very useful. For instance, in some models, there are LCD panels as well that give away a lot of information. You can control the flow or water and also its temperature. But that’s just the beginning. In a product such as the TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Front Toilet Seat, you can actually do much more. Let us take a closer look at this unique toilet seat, which can quickly transform your bathroom into a spa.

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A Review of Great Bathroom Storage Cabinet from Elite Home Fashions


This one is a true classic. Just check out the bathroom storage cabinet from Elite Home Fashions and you will definitely agree. This unit is from the Dawson Collection. It is actually a wall cabinet that has to be mounted on the wall of your bathroom. But frankly, if you so want, you can keep it elsewhere in your home too. Many people are known to do this. It will look lovely almost anywhere in the house. This cabinet is white in color. There are two shelves here that split the cabinet by half. This one is a really charming cabinet that you are certain to love.

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Things to Know Before Starting Bathroom Shopping


If you spend just about 20 minutes in the bathroom everyday, then it comes to 121 hours in a year or almost 5 full days in the bathroom. Over 10 years, you will thus be spending almost 2 months in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time spent. A lot of people tend to neglect the bathroom. But that’s a big mistake. You are in complete privacy in the bathroom, and you must feel extremely happy and content when you are using it. Here, we are reviewing some good bathroom products that will give you a pleasing experience. Please read the bathroom ideas and tips as well to learn about some really fantastic ways to decorate the room. We are sure that you will find them most useful.

Every bathroom needs bathroom items or accessories. While there are some of these items that are a “must have”, there are others that are meant just for cosmetic changes. But remember one thing, even the more fancy products serve an important purpose. They will make your bathroom look more beautiful. You need to feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in this room. These products will certainly go a long way in enhancing the décor. So go ahead and get the bathroom items you like.

There are a lot of options you can choose from. You can choose from all types of shelves and cabinets. The list of toilet accessories is endless. You can select from flush plates, brush holders, roll holders, toilet seats, seat hinges and much more. There are a lot of bath and basic accessories, cosmetic and shaving mirrors, door furniture, assistive products and others. Do take a look at shower accessories too. You will find shower curtains, curtain rings, shower pumps, sprays, shower racks and others. Bathroom accessories also include lighting fixtures and bathroom tiles as well.

The good thing about these accessories is that, you will find them in different price ranges. This means that there is always something that suits your budget.

But even before you start shopping for bathroom accessories, do ensure that you have gone through the tips to learn how you can decorate your bathroom and save money too. Check out some fantastic bathroom decoration ideas. Learn about all those cheap bathroom items that can transform the look of your bathroom easily and quickly.


Bathroom Accessories

Selecting bathroom accessories can be tricky. You will certainly find a lot of options to select from when you are shopping around. But of course, there will always be some essential items, and others, that you can live without. Visit this section to get the complete information about accessories for your bathroom.


Bathroom Faucets and Showers

The first thing you do in the morning is visit the bathroom. It’s the place you visit in the night just before hitting the bed as well. So, the bathroom is one place you can’t ignore. Faucets can make your bathroom look beautiful. Please visit this section to learn more about the best bathroom faucets. You also can learn about showers in this section too.

Bathroom Ideas and Tips

The bathroom is one place where you can relax completely. But it needs to be a place of hygiene too. Visit this section to get essential bathroom ideas and bathroom tips. These tips and ideas will help you select the right products for this room. You will find out what you must always have.


Bathroom Sinks

The sink is more than just a basin. Mostly bowl-shaped, they can look really beautiful and can completely transform the look of the bathroom. Here in this section, we are discussing about the various types of bathroom sinks. You will certainly find this information most useful if you are looking for stainless steel bathroom sinks, small bathroom sinks or something else.


Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom isn’t complete until you have installed the most beautiful bathroom tiles. This is the section to visit if you want your bathroom to be as beautiful as the other rooms in your home. Here in this category, you can learn it all about the tiles for a bathroom. We can recommend something to go with the overall décor of your bathroom. We can help you pick the tiles in the correct color and design.


Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are centerpieces in many modern day bathrooms. They certainly look fantastic. But the vanities come in a wide range of choices. Please visit this section, because this is where you will find the most complete information about all these options. Find information on the double sink bathroom vanity and the small bathroom vanity. Learn about the stunning vanities that are made of frosted glass, stainless steel, natural stone and wood.



Are you searching for the best bathtubs? We can help you in this section. Please browse through this category to find information on the corner bathtub, Clawfoot bathtub, and those that are made of fiberglass or acrylic. You will certainly gain from the information that you will find here. Learn everything you need to know for selecting just the right kind of bathtub for your needs. We can help you pick one you will love.


Are you building a new home, or are you refurbishing the house? Whatever it is, you just cannot ignore the toilet. Visit this section to learn more about how you can beautify your toilet. And of course, you will want to equip the room with the best fixtures. We can help. Browse through this section to get comprehensive knowledge about the best toilet seats, toilet cisterns, and other products. You can learn about the bidet toilet as well. You will certainly not want to miss out on them.

The Great British Toilet Map


The “Great British Toilet Map” is a way for Brits and others to find local toilets using a free site online. One of the approaches it uses to do this is through an “open data” approach that is supported by local area councils.

The open data approach means that there’s no restrictions on the use of the data. You don’t have to pay anyone to use it, and you can freely download it. This means that, for example, it can be incorporated into other websites and smart-phone apps to make finding toilets easy. This is one of the possible future uses for the map.

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Get Up to Date with Kitchen Faucets and Automatic Taps


Kitchen Faucets:

Kitchen Faucets are one of the most prominent installations used in the kitchen. These also bring an elegant look to the kitchen. There are many varieties of kitchen faucets. The size, shape and finish are also significant considerations for selecting the kitchen faucets. The main types of kitchen faucets are

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Get up to date with Modern Radiators


Radiators are heat exchangers for transferring thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of heating or cooling. Radiators are used for heating a room while also used for cooling automobiles. It consists of a metal case connected by pipes. The hot water is pumped through these pipes by a central heating system. This in turn, emits the excess heat into the atmosphere by means of convection.

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Which Type of Boiler is Needed For Your Home?

Boiler is a closed vessel used for heating water or any other fluid. The fuel used may be natural gas, oil or electricity. These boilers are the perfect home radiant system that delivers warmth without making any noise.

Biasi Boilers

These boilers may be floor standing or wall mounted. The floor standing boilers are made from cast aluminum or steel. These boilers are slim and are easy to fit. The majority of the boilers used nowadays for home purpose are the wall mounted boilers. These are lightweight and have efficient heat exchangers. These types of boilers are constructed using materials such as aluminum, steel, copper or iron. [Read more…]

Bathroom Heaters to warm up your bathroom


Bathroom Heaters not only make your bathroom warm, but it is also used to dry wet towels after baths. Being manufactured by latest technology, it consumes less electricity, which is good for your pocket