Remodel your bathroom with Twyford Shower Enclosure

Remodelling has become one of UK’s favourite pastimes. Whether you are remodelling bathroom, adding a new addition or putting in sunroom, remodelling can be enjoyable experience a great way to increase the value of your single largest asset. One of the most exciting aspects of remodelling is planning the project. Not only planning is fun, it is also very important to the sucess of job.

Plan for a stylish and modern bath or a shower enclosure, the choice solely depends on your bathroom size and your bathroom environment. If you would like to go for shower enclosure then have a look at Twyfods. Twyford shower enclosure has gained immense popularity among UK Home owners. UK Home owners are opting more Twyfods shower enclosure. Twyfrod have two ranges in shower enclosure at the moment, Twyford Geo6 and Twyford Hydr8. Whichever you select they both are class products. Check below some stunning images of Twyford Geo6 and Twyford Hydr8 Shower enclosures. Twyford Geo6 and Hydr8 both are inexpensive and equally stylish at the same time. Plan before you purchase. Take the measurement of your bathroom and then check the sizes of shower enclosure and then do your bathroom remodelling.

Use Aroma oils in Bathrooms

The main idea of going to a bathroom is to relax, de-stress and freshened up. The initiation into this world of wellness begins with the first whiff of the beautiful aromas that greet you as you enter your bathroom.

It is the fragrance of natural essential oils that you smell as you enter your bathroom

Aroma oils are highly concentrated extracts of plants, and possess healing properties that benefit us physically and emotionally. Essential oils are composed of several individual chemical components such as alcohols, terpeness, aldhehydes etc, that work in synery so one essential oil can benefit a wide variety of disorders.

Simply smelling an essential oil can also uplift one’s spirits.

This is because the sense of smell is an interrelated aspect of the limbic system (an area of the brain primarilyy connected with emotions and memory). Each essential oil has the ability to affect us psychologically and can alter the mood accordingly, so you can have a ‘calming’ lavender, a refreshing lemon a soothing sandalwood a warming cinnamon, a stimulating peppermint or an uplifting jasmine. There are hundred of refreshing oil available.

Western House and Japanese House

Japana HousesHouse Plan

If we look at ancient Egyptian hieroglyps used to depict a house and entrance, we will see that that hieroglyps focus upon the walls. Perhaps this reflects the way in which buildings were constructed there – by building up from the foundation. This empasis on the walls, which was to influence the evolution. This emphasis on walls, which was to influence the evolution of Western architecture, presumably developed from the need to provide a comfortable interior sheltered from the harsh climate.

If we look at the Japanese writing system, based on the characters borrowed from th Chinese, we will see that the characters for house and other buildings all contain the topmost element, the roof. This reflects the Japanse process of housing contruction – erecting a wood outer frame and covering it with a roof before making the inner walls. This emphasis on the roof may have developed as a result if the requirment that houses offer shelter from the rain while permitting cross ventilation in the hot and humid summer of Japan. In this way we can find a major conceptual diffence between Western and Japanse attituted toward Architecture.

The Physical division of space in a timber-framed Japanese house chracteristically occurs after the foof is raised, unlike the traditional Western Method of building in stone, where the walls separating, each room are built first and the roof put in place afterward, creating in the end a whole of separte spatial units. The interface between interior and exterior is also differnt. In Masonry contruction, a solid wall separted inside and out and is strucurally important, so that few openings are pemitted. Wood Frame construction in Japan on the other hand, requires no enclosure betwen the supporting posts and, with the use of movable partitions, it is possible at any time top open interior and exterior spaces to each other. This style of wood construction

Hygiene in Bathrooms. Few important tips.

In today’s world when looking good is very important, choosing the right kind of bathroom products becomes equally important. Home owner should look into all the hygine aspects and also gives them and their family members a complete satisfaction and pleasure of looking good.

Tips to maintain Hygiene in your Bathroom.

The most likely places which could be breeding grounds for infections ?

a) Combs and brushes which are not washed with disinfectants after every use.

b) All stainless steel equipment like scissors and chrome finish bathroom accessories should be boiled at least once a month

c) You should have a good bathroom storage, fixing a tall bathroom furniture or vanity unit can solve the issue.

You should always make sure to select the right kind of bathroom products and accessories for bathrooms. And you should design your bathroom in such a way that the room is neat and airy. You should regular wash your towels and robes. Make sure your bathroom floor is cleaned up regularly and must be dry. And last but not the least clean the handles of shower enclosures and bathroom doors to maintain a complete hygiene in bathroom.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths are fantastically popular at the moment. As there are lots of whirlpool baths available in the market today. But before you are buying whirlpool bath tubs you should always buy a bath that will fit in your budget. In Earlier times whirlpool baths and jacuzzi baths were expensive and were only found in 5 star or 7 star hotels. Whirlpool baths comes in different sizes, shapes and comes with different jet options that generate bubles in the bath and gives a complete relaxation to your body after a stressfull day.

You should also keep in mind all this bath consumes a lot of water and electricity. Another factor that you should consider when buying whirlpool is your heater. You must make sure it is large enough to fill about 2 / 3 of your hot tub with warm water.

But there are benefits of whirlpool baths as well. Whirlpool baths are best for relaxation and makes you stress free after a stressful day. One of the best sites for whirlpool bath is QS Supplies. There are variety of option of whirlpool baths listed at QS Supplies where you can find a variety of baths with different size and different Jets. Give yourself the best.

Whirlpool Baths

How to Choose a Spa

Whirlpool Bath

You are spoilt for a choice with a myriad of Destination, Day and Spa Retreats, coming up each day. Key points to be kept in mond when searching for spa.

  • Request a menu from the spa (if ther isn’t one on the spa’s website) that explians in details what each treatment includes, how long it lasts and hoe much it costs
  • Make sure the technicians working at the spa have the right training, licensing and certification
  • Look for customer service that exemplifies patience and compassion when answering the phone and making appointments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you may have about the treatment and what’s expected of you.
  • Before any service, inform the spa bout any medical conditions you may have. If they don’t ask, tell them whether you are diabetic, pregnant or have other limitations that could affect the services you recieve.
  • Ask for a tour of spa before you make an appointment or when you check in. You’ll want to make sure the privacy provided is on a level that makes you comfortable
  • Check the lighting and the music to be sure it’s soothing and calm, not irritating or simply too dark
  • Ask what kinds of equipments will be available to you when you come in for treatment. Some day spas will allow you to steam in their saunas soak in their whirlpools or lounge in hydrotherpay bath.

Add a spa in your bathroom by adding Whirlpool Baths

Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Suite Design

Bathroom Suite i Bought

I have a friend name Paul Mackriuz who recently purchased a new bathroom for his house and was excited to show s his new bathroom.  He invited us for a Barbeque party to his house and we all friends went to his house to enjoy Barbeque party. Being a plumber himself, he has excellent knowledge and designing and selecting the right kind of bathroom stuff.

I went to his bathroom to get freshened up, and when I entered in his bathroom I was shocked. It looked like I entered into a seven star hotel bathroom. Extremely spacious room with minimalist design bathroom suite and amazing bathroom tiles. Everything was just accurate. I loved the style of bath, WC, and basin. I quickly called my wife in and shower her the bathroom. She was just shocked. And the same reaction was with my other friends. They loved the style and loved the design of bathroom suite. We asked him from where he purchased all this bathroom stuff. He said he will disclose the name only on one condition; they have to get their bathroom and plumbing work done by him. We all agreed and he then disclosed the name, QS Bathroom Supplies.

The night later I opened my laptop and bought a sizzling bathroom suite from their website, I had to also buy bathroom tiles but it wasn’t available at their website at that time. My wife was very excited, so as my friend, he got five bathroom renovation jobs. So if you are plumber, this post can be very handy for you.

Bathroom Heaters to warm up your bathroom

Bathroom Heaters not only make your bathroom warm, but it is also used to dry wet towels after baths. Being manufactured by latest technology, it consumes less electricity, which is good for your pocket

Bathroom Heater

Bathroom Heater