The Difference a Perfect Bathroom Vanity Can Make

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in any house. A number of accessories can be arranged in the bathroom to increase the it’s features and to provide an elegant look. Bathroom vanity is one of them. Bathroom vanity is a place in the bathroom that compromises of a bathroom sink and other storage furniture. Generally, a bathroom consist of a sink, toiletry and other necessary things. But nowadays bathroom vanities are also placed inside the bathroom to provide extra storage space and add a great look to the bathroom. 1

Bathroom FUrniture

If someone wants the bathroom to be renovated, then bathroom vanity should be of top priority. They look great and designer bathroom vanities also provide elegance to the bathroom. The bathroom vanity should be properly selected and it is better to check different options in your local shop as well as online stores before finalizing on it. The storage can contain glass shelves, long cupboards or mirrored cabinets. It is better to have as many cabinets as possible to store maximum amount of materials. The depth of the cabinet is also an important consideration. Larger storage boxes allow the storage of large bottles and utility objects in them. All the materials that you plan to store in the vanity should be divided based on the size and your usage patterns. The materials that are used frequently in the bathroom should be placed in the top boxes to be easily accessible. Some important items such as first aid and medicines can be kept above the sink in a mounted cabinet as a safety precaution. There various types of vanity units include wall-hung, floating and wall-mounted vanities. Floor mounted vanity is the best unit as this has larger storage space when compared to other vanity units.

Bathroom FUrniture

There are many designs, shapes and styles of bathroom vanity units. These depend on the size of the bathroom. A simple vanity unit can be installed at lower cost. But it is better to invest in a high end designer vanity as it would provide an elegant look to the bathroom too. It is also important to select the color of the vanity so that it blends well with the rest of the bathroom. The size can be selected accordingly, to cover the gaps at the corners. This makes efficient use of bathroom corners. The finish of the vanity unit is also important. The vanities are available in many price ranges. The cost of the vanity also depends on the type of the material used to make it. Laminates are commonly used in horizontal applications such as vanity tops. They are quite cheap yet hard. It is a durable material with consistent color and finish. This is also highly resistant to scratches and spills. Melamine is best suited for inner parts. Stone and timber are also used for vanity tops. Stones are the best option for vanity tops. Most of the bathroom vanity tops are built using stone. It is very hard and resistant to strains. Stones used can also be of different types and colors such as marble, graphite etc. Granite is the hardest material and also require very less care. Marble is the costliest material, but increases the look of the vanity unit. Also proper care should be taken while maintaining the unit. The vanity set as well as the basin and faucets must be frequently cleaned to make them look anew and to last for a longer time period. Timber can also be used for natural look. This requires more care. It is also subjected to expansion and contraction especially if the vanity remains wet.

Bathroom FUrniture

Basins are quite common in bathroom vanities. The type of the basin and faucets depends on the selection of the vanity unit. Integrated basins are easy to clean and are suitable for stone tops. Semi-recessed is used when there is more space.

A perfect bathroom vanity can provide a touch of elegance to the bathroom and also provide significant amount of storage space inside it. It is as essential part of modern bathrooms and you must always make sure to include it as one of the accessories while building or remodeling your bathroom.

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