Onyx Shower Reviews: Exploring Your Dream Bathroom Options


The Onyx shower products have become popular due to their durability, which stands the test of time. Not only are these shower products easy to clean, but they are also custom made with plenty of options to suit every taste and every bathroom need. Choose from the Onyx Collection’s wide variety of shower pans, shower bases, shower doors, and complete shower kits to transform your bathroom into something exceptional.
Onyx Shower Pan

The term “shower pan” usually refers to the most visible part of the shower floor, which generally comes in one solid piece that sits on top of the shower base. Shower pans may be flat, or slightly sloped to channel water towards the drain. All of the Onyx collection products are made with mostly hydrate crystal, alumina, and a unique polyester resin. There is a very thin gel coating on the surface that is highly resistant to water, minimizing the buildup of molds, mildews and other common bathroom bacteria. These unique ingredients are what make Onyx shower pans very easy to keep clean. Choose from different styles of shower pans, such as:

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Bathroom Renovation in 2015


The bathroom is one of the most complex rooms in the modern home.  In the bathroom you have several fixtures that use water, the need for electricity, and the walls, floors, and everything in the room needs to have some degree of water tolerance.  With all of this having been said, renovating your bathroom is not going to be an easy task.  To do it yourself, you will have to have knowledge about plumbing, electrical work, and general carpentry skills, but it still can be done.  Since the majority of the plumbing has already been run, you will just need the know how to install new fixtures.  If the guts of your bathroom needs to be replaced, it is best to hire a professional to ensure that all codes and standards are met.
Here is a basic step by step guide to the general process of bathroom renovation.  While some designs may need to skip or add in steps, this is the basic process you will follow.
1.    Design and plan out what you want in your new bathroom.  If it need to be larger, which way is it expanding?  If you’re replacing the bath tub or shower, will it be going in the same place?

After you have designed your new bathroom, price the supplies you will need, including equipment.  Since you will most likely be working with some aspect of the plumbing, you will need a welder or soldering system.

2.    Purchase your supplies.  This will include drywall and wet boards, new fixtures, screws, nails, everything you will need for this project.

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Explore Bathroom with BathroomsNews.com


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and when you are reconsidering a redesign or redecoration, it’s best to get inspiration from various outlets. This bathroom photo gallery can help provide you with your next great bathroom design. Changing just a few of the minor aesthetic characteristics can help to completely change the entire look of your bathroom.

When renovating a bathroom, there are several different changes you can make. While many think it takes a complete rebuild, just changing minor things can greatly help alter the look of your bathroom. This entirely depends on the type of bathroom you want. The aesthetic qualities of bathrooms can provide you with a certain feel for your bathroom. When deciding on what you want to do with your bathroom, examine several different bathroom pictures and see just what you like about them

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A smart guide for shopping online for bathroom accessories


Shopping online is not a trend today, but it’s the norm. Digital gadgets and clothes are not the only things bought at the click of a mouse. Increasingly popular are home furnishings such as bathroom accessory.

The reasons are simple, customers don’t want to limit their choice to their corner brick-and-mortar store. The bathroom is a space of personal style statement. But before you dive into the online world of bath furnishings, be a wise shopper and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Unlike a shoe, your bathroom cannot be tucked away in your closet, you have to live with it.

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Hottest Baby Products


If you thought all the baby products that were needed in the world had already been invented and improved upon you should think again. This is one industry that just keeps on innovating, offering parents a seemingly never ending array of exciting new gadgets, toys, furniture and accessories for baby. Here’s a handful of the hottest baby products around right now.


Eventually baby grows into a toddler and the task of toilet training looms. For many parents, toilet training their children can be one of the most challenging times of their lives! Familiarising a toddler with a potty and asking them to sit for any length of time can be the first challenge when beginning toilet training but now with the innovative and soon to be released iPotty, toilet training just got a whole lot easier. This clever product incorporates an iPad stand into the design, giving children a welcome distraction whilst waiting for nature to take its course.

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The Complete and Utter Idiot’s Guide To Order A Bathroom Tap


Are you ready to give your bathroom the perfect finishing touch with a set of beautiful new taps but not sure how to go about ordering them? Here is the complete and utter idiot’s guide to order a bathroom tap so you’re not left wondering what to do next!

Select Your Source
No matter what you’re purchasing these days it’s important to select reputable sources to buy from. When it comes to taps you want to be sure you are investing in quality products that will perform their function perfectly. Reputable companies will offer excellent guarantees on their products as well as offer generous return and exchange policies not to mention great prices. Investigate several sources to potentially order your taps from and weigh up the most important factors to help narrow your choices.

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Bathroom Fights in the Middle of School


If you ever fought in school, chances are that your fight took place in the bathroom. Far from prying eyes, school bathrooms are prime real estate for those looking to get revenge, defend their honour, or just to let off some steam. What does a bathroom fight look like? Take a look at some of these examples, before we discuss why this is a growing problem, and what schools can do about it…

Looking for a Fight

Our first example starts in the boy’s bathroom of a high school, with boys already filming, obviously pre warned about what’s to come. In fact, one of the combatants is already there, waiting for what’s been arranged as a fight. Why are they fighting? No-one comments, though the two boys are apparently emotional over something.

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Buying guides for Mixer Shower


Mixer of combinations at hand

Combination of sorts is the spice of life; sweet with pungent, cold with hot and several such contrasting combinations pour life into our dreary lifestyle, making it ecstatic. They infuse exuberance in our day to day life, like showering does, in a combination of hot and cold water. Mixer Showers are quintessential mixers and churners of such combinations that make showering experience a rejuvenating one, every time. Thanks to the various types of mixer showers in the array that make our days, evenings and nights enlivening.

Most importantly, if the temperature is managed by the shower without bather made to bother about it is the eminent characteristic of a shower, for which mixer shower has been known. Mixer Showers smartly manage water flow with voluntarily handling levelled temperature.

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Burj Al Arab – The Victorian Style Bathroom Suite


Didn’t you just fall in love with your bathroom suite when you stayed at the Burj Al Arab?  Oh, you haven’t stayed there?  Whew!  Okay, me either.  We can dream, right?  If you haven’t seen what the bathrooms at the Burj Al Arab look like, you’re missing out.  They’ll have you dreaming about a full-fledged Victorian style remodel of your own bathroom.  The designers spared no expense when they created the bathroom suites of this incredible hotel.  Each bathroom is the very definition of opulence, and while you may not be able to completely recreate their look, there are exquisite elements you can bring into your home to emulate that luxury.  Let these products inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams!

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Google Helpouts can teach you to fix your toilet with lessons from a pro


You have surely heard of Google Hangout – the popular video chat service which connects you to others via live chat and allows you to broadcast live video to a global audience. By leveraging this technology, Google has now started a service called Google Helpouts, which allows you to connect with competent persons in different fields for answering your queries live via video chat.

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