Brit Men – Keeping the Toilet Seat Open and Other Bad Bathroom Etiquette


Couples have been arguing for decades over the toilet seat and other bathroom etiquette. Women want the toilet seat down and men often see no problem with leaving it up. Another bathroom behavior that couples often fight about is failing to replace toilet paper. It may be surprising to find out that so many quarrels occur in homes over bathroom behavior. However, a recent study done in the UK has brought to light some of the bad behavior Brit men engage in.

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Expected Cost To Refurbish Two Toilets At The Palace Of Westminster Is £100,000


According to the House of Commons, two toilets at the Palace of Westminster which are used by VIP guests and peers will cost as much as £100,000. In fact, the job description tendered on the website describes the lavatories in the House of Lords are in unacceptable condition for being in such a high profile area, and offer a poor image of the Palace. Yesterday we posted about Kohler Numi Toilet, which costs $6400. We, think it might be this type of toilet or even more advanced than this toilet.

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Are You Crazy? A Bidet Would Cost $6400


A Surprisingly Expensive Bidet and Toilet Combination

Upon achieving a certain degree of wealth, it seems many people want to upgrade absolutely all of their possessions. The desire for the finer things in life can extend everywhere throughout the household, from the open expanses of the kitchen to the bright confines of the bathroom. While people may joke about acquiring solid gold toilets as a bold statement about the importance of their every action, others will upgrade their lifestyles using a toilet that is equipped with nearly everything a person could possibly want in such a device.

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How to Find Public Bathrooms with Public Toilet Finder App

Toilet Finder App

Last week posted about The Great British Toilet Map, this week we have came up with Public Toilet Finder App. There’s nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom and having no bathroom in sight. It’s a particular uncomfortable sensation that just about everyone is familiar with due to some circumstance throughout their lives. This feeling just grows and grows and it can become unbearable at a certain point. It distracts from everything you do. Whenever anyone is talking to you about anything, it’s as if a secondary voice is reminding you- “yes right, this is all very well and good but-BATHROOM NOW.”

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The Great British Toilet Map


The “Great British Toilet Map” is a way for Brits and others to find local toilets using a free site online. One of the approaches it uses to do this is through an “open data” approach that is supported by local area councils.

The open data approach means that there’s no restrictions on the use of the data. You don’t have to pay anyone to use it, and you can freely download it. This means that, for example, it can be incorporated into other websites and smart-phone apps to make finding toilets easy. This is one of the possible future uses for the map.

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Clocking Bathroom Time at T-Mobile


In the hurly-burly of professional life, it is often said that we somehow manage to schedule every single second of our days and still manage not to have enough time for anything. Interestingly enough, some companies seem to want to do that almost literally, and impose such standards on their employees in turn. Their employees’ extenuating circumstances apparently may or may not be taken into account with regards to the apparent necessity of docking them for every second not spent trying to get to the bottom line.

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Are You Overweight – Enjoy Bigger Toilets In Aircrafts


Those of us who are overweight know how annoying the tiny airplane bathrooms can be. Fortunately, that is all about to change. A German company has created the Big Lavatory for airplanes. The aim is for those who need extra room, along with individuals who need wheelchair access. The current airplane bathroom is about 5 feet wide by only 4 feet deep. The design for the Big Lavatory is considerably bigger than that, which will offer additional comfort for overweight individuals and more leg room for others.

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A Lazy Man’s Guide on Bathroom Cleaning


Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom. Some find it rather disgusting and keep putting it off to avoid the situation. Although, a bathroom won’t get cleaned on its own. Somebody has to do it.

There are some easy ways to cleaning the bathroom. It actually isn’t that difficult. Some people just don’t enjoy the thought of cleaning a toilet bowl-but who does? By following a few simple tips, cleaning the bathroom can actually be quite simple.

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6 Tips On How You Can Increase The Value Of Your Property


You’re expecting an addition to the family or you just feel like you want to take the next step and move into a new home. Before you do that, you need to build up the value of your current property so that you can make a profit or at least get enough money for your next deposit.

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Converting Your Bathroom into a Functional Room


When we think of the most used rooms in the house, kitchen and family rooms struck our minds. Yes, those areas get utilized significantly on a day to day basis, but we oftentimes overlook the bathroom. No matter the size of your bathroom, converting it into a functional living space will never be more rewarding for you and your family. Whether renovating the current bathroom or if you are trying to utilize the space more efficiently, organization is the key to create an enviable bathroom. Organizational solutions are a fabulous way to enhance your overall bathroom experience and create a more relaxing environment.

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