Are You Overweight – Enjoy Bigger Toilets In Aircrafts

Those of us who are overweight know how annoying the tiny airplane bathrooms can be. Fortunately, that is all about to change. A German company has created the Big Lavatory for airplanes. The aim is for those who need extra room, along with individuals who need wheelchair access. The current airplane bathroom is about 5 feet wide by only 4 feet deep. The design for the Big Lavatory is considerably bigger than that, which will offer additional comfort for overweight individuals and more leg room for others.

Thankfully, that means in the future, passengers won’t have to decide between cramming themselves into a tight space on a tiny toilet and having to hold it on a long flight. Of course this innovation isn’t the only thing that has been announced. At the Crystal Cabin Awards, there were other announcements that were made that deal with in flight comfort.

Friends who travel together will no longer have to decide the breakdown of their group on their flight. Instead, reversible inflight seating will allow everyone to sit face to face. This will make flying a more enjoyable experience, while boosting socialization. Safety is of course the goal of these seats which can be returned to their standard position and secured during the takeoff and landing process. This makes them a safe and smart invention.

Of course, while this is a nice feature it doesn’t offer the practicality of the Big Lavatory that will help a group of people who are often overlooked. This groundbreaking trend in improving the comfort of overweight passengers is really a great move forward. Especially since overweight individuals have long been overlooked and rejected by society itself.

Airlines remain interested in these larger toilets because they are a great way to boost business. Commuters will be more interested in having additional room in the bathroom, which means those who are larger will have a more comfortable flight. Most aren’t even concerned with the loss of precious seating either. The reason is that advertising on an in room bathroom will air while an individual is using the facilities. The airlines can use the revenue to offset their losses, while advertising companies pay to have a captive audience.

This translates to a boost in sales, since more people are overweight in the United States than ever before. These new toilets allow everyone to fly comfortably. Also represented are handicapped individuals who might otherwise be forced to try to hold everything in until they are able to access the toilets again at the airport.

While it isn’t a groundbreaking medical discovery, those who are regularly traveling will certainly appreciate the larger bathrooms that are designed for them. Large people and those with special needs no longer have to feel like outcasts, thanks to a considerate German company that decided to address a problem that many others choose to overlook.

A Lazy Man’s Guide on Bathroom Cleaning

Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom. Some find it rather disgusting and keep putting it off to avoid the situation. Although, a bathroom won’t get cleaned on its own. Somebody has to do it.

There are some easy ways to cleaning the bathroom. It actually isn’t that difficult. Some people just don’t enjoy the thought of cleaning a toilet bowl-but who does? By following a few simple tips, cleaning the bathroom can actually be quite simple.

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6 Tips On How You Can Increase The Value Of Your Property

You’re expecting an addition to the family or you just feel like you want to take the next step and move into a new home. Before you do that, you need to build up the value of your current property so that you can make a profit or at least get enough money for your next deposit.

Renovate your Kitchen

The best place to start to increase your property value is by updating and modernising your kitchen area. People enjoy big kitchens with enough room for storage when they want to cook a meal. Also replace old counters with new ones and replace old appliances with modernised versions.

Possible buyers don’t want to pay more than they have to already so if you’re giving them an up to date kitchen room they’ll feel more inclined to buy your property.


People enjoy bathrooms that give them ample space to roam in and it’s turned into a place where most families spend a lot of time in lately. Include a spa bath or a whirlpool tub as well as showers with different settings for steam and multiple jets streams. A double sink is also a good addition as well as a new geyser for warm water, they’ll definitely be testing water pressure and how fast the water turns warm.


Master Bedroom

Walk in closets and lounging areas in the bedroom are big these days and you’ll be filling buyers’ needs by creating spaces for these two crucial elements.


With electricity prices increasing every year people are turning to natural lighting. This is why you should be expanding your current windows or putting in more windows to allow for natural light.


Cleaning your home outside will make a big difference in property value. Give your house a good lick of paint (try to use modern, neutral colours), fix up the fence or pavement that you’ve been meaning to for years and also give the garden a good clean. It’s a cheap and effective way to raise your property’s value. If you have some extra money left have a good look at your roof and irrigation system.


As people move out of their old homes they need storage space. Others need the extra space for their tools or hobbies.

Some of these fixes might be more expensive than others but you’ll reap the benefits when an agent comes to re-evaluate your home.

Len just sold one of his properties for a profit just by making a few changes to his property, the estate agents in Johannesburg couldn’t believe the change in value on his house. They did sell it quickly though.

Converting Your Bathroom into a Functional Room

When we think of the most used rooms in the house, kitchen and family rooms struck our minds. Yes, those areas get utilized significantly on a day to day basis, but we oftentimes overlook the bathroom. No matter the size of your bathroom, converting it into a functional living space will never be more rewarding for you and your family. Whether renovating the current bathroom or if you are trying to utilize the space more efficiently, organization is the key to create an enviable bathroom. Organizational solutions are a fabulous way to enhance your overall bathroom experience and create a more relaxing environment.

Under Sink Storage
Having a place for everything is one of the most valuable things when creating a functional bathroom, especially for small bathrooms. Utilizing space efficiently is the best way to create functionality. Place organizers such as plastic drawers or baskets under your sink to store toilet tissue, makeup, hair products, and other bathroom goods. If one need more space for kids’ stuff or if one owes a pedestal sink with no under storage, one can hang shelves above their toilet with baskets on top, to organize their bathroom.
To incorporate functionality and design one can add a bathroom storage unit, shelves or a bathroom cabinet. Whether one place shelves directly above a toilet or on a blank wall, they add a wow factor and are functional too. Place baskets, towels, or toilet paper on shelves to get items off your floor and create more walking space.

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Soundproofing Internal Doors

Doors that are used on the inside of a house are usually quite light. In fact, many of them are hollow on the inside. The purpose of these doors is more to provide visual privacy than anything else. As you might imagine, they don’t often do a terribly good job at keeping sound isolated. Hollow doors are full of air, so they will transmit sound fairly well due to all of the air.

The thin materials used in internal doors such as plywood or other thin wooden materials are also hardly maximized for keeping sound isolated. This means that if you want to keep sound out of or in a certain room, you really need to apply additional soundproofing procedures to the door. There are a variety of different ways to do this.

Internal Doors


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7 Smart Strategies For Bathroom Remodelling In London

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, British consumers lead the way in being highly selective about the fact that a bathroom space should provide them a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience. They no longer consider the bathroom as just an essential portion of their home, but a retreating area where they can spend quality time in a spa like ambience for a revitalizing session of aqua therapy, and their bathroom remodelling plans are now include by upgrades across the furniture, flooring and wall segments.

Preference For Natural Sunlight
To create the ambience of bright sunshine right into their bathroom, discerning homeowners across the UK are increasingly incorporating large windows in their bathroom remodelling plans for allowing maximum natural sunlight to illuminate the interior.

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Petition for the Toilet Plans in UK

“I run the only toilet in this part of town you see! So if you gotta go, you got to go through me!”

- It’s A Privilege To Pee by Urinetown
They say “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”, but when public toilets are not available, where do you “go”? That’s what thousands of agitated residents are asking their Muncipal Council bosses, who decided to shut down a majority of the public toilets and launched the unusual Community Toilet scheme. Through this scheme, the Council endeavours to allow the public access to clean and safe toilets and urinals in the local business houses like Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.

With over 100 premises already having signed up and many more lined up to join, it is hoped that the inconvenience resulting from the closure of public toilets will be offset by the toilet facility in these establishments. Without having to make any purchase or paying any “pee fee”, members of the public can utilize their toilet facilities. However, this convenience comes with a caveat: In an exceptional circumstance, the business houses have the right to disallow the use of this convenience.
The public is worried and not without reason

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Beware-Glass Shower Doors Can Explode Randomly

If you happen to have a shower door made of glass, then you have cause to be worried. Anything that’s made of glass can shatter, and shower doors are no exception. When the do explode, shower doors can cause serious lacerations since you will obviously not be wearing clothes at the time. Jeans especially can often soak up damage, but people who aren’t wearing any in the shower can take the full force of a wall of glass exploding in all directions.

And this isn’t even to mention the amount of time it would take to clean up all of the glass, and the thousands of dollars it would cost to fix up everything.

If you think this could never happen, than there’s a new story that might interest you. Dorothy Malikski was in the news in the last few months for reporting that her shower door shattered while her mother was in there.

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Simple Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

A lot of homeowners are now considering using eco-friendly products and design ideas when it comes to their homes. Green interior design is not only about conserving natural resources and saving the environment, it is also about protecting your health. Using environmentally friendly products and design ideas is the best way to create a healthy and clean home environment for you and your family.

If you are thinking of turning your home into an eco-friendly environment, you can start with your kitchen. When going green, the kitchen area is typically the first place that many homeowners focus on when choosing green products and equipments. Here are some simple ideas that can turn your kitchen into a safe and eco-friendly space which can help you save money and resources without sacrificing functionality and style.

Size And Layout

Among the most important factors you need to consider are the size and layout of your kitchen. If you are thinking of simply renovating your kitchen space, you don’t have to breakdown the walls of the current area just so you can increase its size. This will only lead to bigger projects, more expensive costs, and using more resources. The best tip to increase its size is to start de-cluttering. Most people fill their kitchen with different kinds of unimportant things; thus making it look crowded and small.

If you have a small kitchen, you can make the small space work for you by using clever interior design. For instance, you can buy built-in appliances which can save a lot of space. You can also use tall cupboards to use the wall space and use deep drawers to provide you with more storage. You must also use simple wall paint colors to avoid making the room look small and crowded.

Cabinet And Countertops

When choosing your cabinets, you can consider eco-friendly options, such as cherry, oak, alder, and maple. Cabinets made using these materials are formaldehyde-free. Other options include bamboo and wheatboard. In addition, when choosing the materials, make sure that the woods used are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

For your countertops, you can consider using bamboo countertop since bamboo is a sustainable wood. If you want to have a solid surface, you might want to look for countertops with a Greenguard seal. You can also use recycled glass tile instead of a ceramic tile, paper composite countertops instead of laminate, or recycled aluminum counters instead of stainless steel.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

When it comes to your kitchen flooring, you might be thinking about using wood and tile floors; however, there are renewable materials, such as bamboo and cork which are excellent options. Another option is linoleum which is gaining popularity among many homeowners and interior designers because it is available in a wide range of colors and designs. If you have decided to use hardwood, make sure to use wood that came from sustainable forests and those that have a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Make Use Of Natural Light In The Kitchen

You can make use of natural light through the kitchen windows. Double-hung or gliding windows are excellent options. Installing one over the sink is also a practical choice. This allows a lot of natural light inside the kitchen; thus, you don’t have to use any lighting during the day. It also provides an open atmosphere which makes the space look bigger and brighter. These design tips will help you cut down on energy costs in the long run.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen lighting, you have to choose light fixtures that are energy efficient. You can use dimmer, or motion sensors and timers. Another tip is to use fluorescent light bulbs because they last longer than ordinary bulbs. Additionally, they also only use 30% electricity.


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The author, Kris Lim, is an interior design student who offers simple tips and advice on how to turn ordinary kitchen spaces into an eco-friendly and stylish area. She regularly contributes her thoughts and opinions to lifestyle and interior design websites, such as .

10 Health Hazard Items in the Bathroom that You Can’t Ignore

Just like many other people, you strive to keep the bathroom impeccably clean. Despite these efforts, you and your family may be facing a hidden bathroom hazard from items that you consider perfectly safe.

Several studies and reports highlight the biggest hazard in the bathroom. Typically, it has nothing to do with germs and poor hygiene. Some of the dangers stem from common items like mouthwash and shower curtains.

Bathroom Towels

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